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Our soft hand heat transfer vinyl are applied on all light & dark fabrics such as: cotton, cotton-polyester, wool, linen, Lycra, and some polyester athletic mesh knit fabrics. Its soft hand, strong adhesiveness, excellent durability and washability are specially engineered for applying to T-shirts.


PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl is the most common transfer material in the world.
It’s suitable for numbers and logos on sportswear or uniform with numerous color options.Can be widely applied on different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, Lycra®/spandex, leather etc.


GEN2 Heat Transfer Vinyl featuring self-adhesive, softer touch, easy weeding, able to create fine letters or pictures. Thinner than common PVC.


PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is an environmental transfer material which is soft, elastic, and thin. Perfectly suited for multi-layering of many colors.Has an outstanding washability and adhesion which can be used on various fabrics.


FLOCK Heat Transfer Vinyl with soft and Velvet-like texture, High density of flock pile provides stretch out effect.A low cost decorating alternative to embroidery.


Glitter vinyl has special sparkling surface and unique touch, it is absolutely indispensable material in design.

Special Materials

Image in Color can provide a variety of different materials, giving you the freedom to choose the products you need. Foil Gold, Silver, Red: Provides a brilliant sparkle making you the brightest shining star. Metallic Red, Blue, Green: has an unique metal matte effect. Reflective: the surface has reflective beads that can effectively reflect the light source. Glow in the Dark: A special film that emits green light and glow in the dark. Camouflage: favorite of military fans, never out of style.